Wiz Khalifa Throws First Pitch at Pirates Game While Hallucinating

By Olivia Weaving July 18, 2023

This examines the event of rapper Wiz Khalifa's delivery of the opening pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates game, accomplished whilst under the influence of psychedelic mushrooms.

The acclaimed rapper, Wiz Khalifa, brilliantly delivered the opening pitch at a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game on a recent Monday night. It was, however, under an unexpected circumstance. What was unbeknownst to the greater part of the stadium audience is that Khalifa was experiencing the psychedelic effects of mushrooms while carrying out his pitcher's duties.

Before the buzzing encounter at Pittsburgh's PNC Park against the Cleveland Guardians, Khalifa unveiled his unorthodox intent on Twitter. In one tweet, he wrote, "Finna get stoned af and throw this first pitch at the pirates game," followed up quickly with: "Shroomed out throwin a baseball is crazy."

His unique state of mind was visually apparent at the park. Captured in an MLB video, Khalifa, basking in the roars of approval, waved enthusiastically to his supportive audience. He launched the ball, shrugged nonchalantly, and exited the spotlight. An alternate clip confirmed the balls' impressive trajectory, landing tantalizingly close to home plate.

Khalifa is no stranger to Pittsburgh admiration, having graduated from Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. His attachment to Pittsburgh is also manifested in his music, as evidenced by "Black and Yellow," his hit song from 2010. The song pays tribute to the hues representing the Pirates, the NHL's Penguins, and the NFL's Steelers, all Pittsburgh rooted sports teams.

However, his connection with baseball and the Pirates is not without its controversies. In 2017, Khalifa enacted an opening throw for a Pirates versus Baltimore Orioles match. He raised MLB eyebrows by air-simulating a joint smoking action. Accompanied by his ‘Legalize It’ shirt, this led to a rebuke from the league, which maintains strict anti-marijuana rules. Despite this, Khalifa's affinity for Pittsburgh remains intact.