Tiffany Haddish discloses her 8 miscarriage experiences;

By Olivia Weaving July 25, 2023

Acclaimed actress Tiffany Haddish candidly discusses her struggle with multiple miscarriages, contemplates adoption, and reveals her unique coping mechanisms in a heartfelt interview.

The revered Hollywood star, Tiffany Haddish, embarks on an intimate exploration of her challenging journey towards motherhood, a path marked by numerous miscarriages. At 43, the respected "Girls Trip" actress gave a personal glimpse into her life in a recent Washington Post profile. This profile, aimed at promoting the remake of "The Haunted Mansion," unexpectedly revealed more about Haddish's personal struggles.

Haddish was overheard admitting to a nurse, "This would be my eighth one. My uterus is heart-shaped and refuses to hold anything in." Overwhelmed by the distress of eight miscarriages, she is mulling the idea of adoption.

Haddish poignantly disclosed her aversion to soliciting emotional support. Originating from a foster care background, she likens her approach to dealing with trauma to a "wounded animal" seeking isolation and self-healing.

Betrayed by her parents and her spouse, Haddish's life underscores a narrative of abandonment and disappointment, as revealed by confidant and therapist, Elliott Connie.

Following her recent miscarriage, physicians have suggested that Haddish likely suffers from endometriosis. She mentioned that she embarked on parenting courses in 2021, a prudent step towards her aspiration of becoming a mother.

The dissolution of her relationship with well-known rapper and actor Common was also explored. Contradicting his previous narrative, she clarified that their split was one-sided. Despite being innately buoyant and yearning for companionship, Haddish confessed her anticipation of rejection, a reflex conditioned by her past experiences of abandonment.

In an interim, her comedic work represents her "children." She expressed an earnest desire to make both her motherhood dreams and comic pieces successful. She metaphorically equated a joke's failure to miscarriage, ending on the potent note, "My joke, my choice."