Spotify's Bill Simmons labels Harry & Meghan 'grifters'

By Hugo Mercer June 19, 2023

Spotify executive Bill Simmons criticizes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's partnership with Spotify, which recently ended amid reports of unmet productivity benchmarks.

Bill Simmons, podcaster and Spotify executive, recently expressed his frustrations with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the royal couple's partnership with Spotify was terminated. On his own podcast, Simmons candidly discussed his dissatisfaction, mentioning an alternative podcast idea involving the pair called 'The F--king Grifters'. He also shared an anecdote about a Zoom call with Prince Harry to discuss podcast ideas.

In December 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan inked a lucrative $12 million podcast deal with Spotify. However, last week, both parties mutually agreed to part ways. Over the course of their two-year collaboration, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex produced a total of 12 episodes and one special episode for their podcast series.

Meghan's show, 'Archetypes', experienced significant popularity upon its release in late 2022, featuring exclusive interviews with high-profile celebrities. Despite the apparent mutual decision to terminate the partnership, insider sources informed the Wall Street Journal that Spotify chose to sever ties as the couple reportedly failed to meet productivity benchmarks, preventing them from receiving the full payout from their deal.