"Iron Claw" Trailer: Efron and White's Muscled Take on '80s Wrestling Dynasty

By Lily Hackett October 12, 2023

"Iron Claw" unveils a powerful, star-studded cast in a gripping homage to the notorious 1980s Von Erich wrestling family dynasty.

The latest trailer for the much-anticipated film "Iron Claw" hit the airwaves on Wednesday, giving fans a hearty taste of its star-studded cast. Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White, from "The Bear," were revealed in all their muscular glory, leading the character line-up as Kevin and Kerry Von Erich, members of the notorious real-life Von Erich wrestling family.

In the teaser, Efron and White are pictured bearing trademark retro shaggy hairstyles, defined abs, and snug wrestling attire, reminiscent of the classic '80s wrestling era. Efron's character delivers a poignant line in the trailer, reminiscing, “Ever since I was a child, people said my family was cursed…Mom tried to protect us with God. Dad tried to protect us with wrestling. He said if we were the toughest, the strongest, nothing could ever hurt us.”

Also gracing the trailer is the charm of Lily James, who seems to be a love interest of Kevin, Efron’s character. Kevin and James' characters are later shown celebrating their wedding and welcoming a baby.

The focus of the trailer oscillates between Efron, White, and Harris Dickinson, the actor portraying the brother David Von Erich, as they struggle with their domineering father Fritz, impressively played by Holt McCallany. The brothers showcase their wrestling prowess as they drop-kick opponents in the ring and wrestle with personal adversities off the stage.

Historically, Fritz, the patriarch of the Von Erich family, gained notoriety in wrestling circles in the '60s and '70s, with his signature wrestling move "The Iron Claw." His sons- Kevin, Kerry, and David gained a footing in professional wrestling, most notably in the '80s, as per the records of WWE.

The film also features acclaimed "The Affair" star Maura Tierney and Stanley Simons. "The Iron Claw" is slated to premiere in cinemas across the country on December 22.