Giants and Jets Vying for New York's Football Crown

By Emma Nguyen August 12, 2023

New York's Jets might be getting the spotlight but don't count the Giants out. Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley's offense might just make this season one to remember.

While all eyes might currently be trained on Aaron Rodgers and the trendy Jets, never forget that the Giants still usually pull in the big crowds. As the game heats up, it's becoming increasingly evident that the Giants could prove to be as thrilling to watch. With Daniel Jones set to build on last season's performance and Saquon Barkley in peak form, the duo could potentially become one of the most thrilling quarterback-running back combinations seen since Chuckin' Charlie Conerly and Frank Gifford.

Highlighting some of the greatest pairings in the Giants' history is essential when appreciating the exciting prospects of Jones and Barkley. Phil Simms and Mark Bavaro created magic on the field and Eli Manning's early career with Tiki deserves a mention as does his subsequent collaboration with Plaxico Burress, Mario Manningham, Hakeem Nicks, and David Tyree.

While Jones' principal role is quarterback, his athleticism almost characterizes him as another star running back for the Giants. Recall the playoff game against the Vikings when Jones had his opponents running all over the field. A repeat of last season's exceptional teamwork shines a promising light on the season ahead.

The Giants' success ultimately hinges on Jones' performance and the potential improvements under coach Brian Daboll. Even with a formidable lineup of upcoming matches, a winning record would place the Giants in a position to advance in the season where they could potentially improve despite last year's disappointing record.

The dynamic NFC East, home to heavyweights like the Eagles, Cowboys, and Commanders, presents its fair share of challenges to the Giants, but this is a team that's ready for greatness now, not in 2025. When met with the Vikings, Jones demonstrated his capabilities on the field, coupled with a healthy Barkley, their potential together could make the selection of Barkley as the No. 2 overall draft pick seem like a smart choice after all.

Rodgers' arrival at the Jets, despite his age, is akin to a meteor sighting, it's rare and draws a lot of attention. That, however, does not dim the brilliance of the Giants. Even though Rodgers' milestones are more visible, the Giants' promising future is equally palpable. With the coaching prowess of Daboll, the rookie sensation of New York, along with a fired-up team, this NFL season in New York might be the most thrilling one yet, especially for long-awaiting Jets' fans.

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Yankee Stadium could foreseeably see Matt Olson hitting an estimate of 70 home runs this season. In college football, powerhouses Cal and Stanford are reportedly moving to the Atlantic Coast Conference. But would they move to the moon if the money were right?

Wrapping up, 2023 will see the Yankees fighting to secure the third wild card spot in the American League. A successful feat doesn’t necessarily validate this roster construction, but when did we start setting low bars for the Yankees? Giants fans, Jets fans, and all fans alike, let's buckle up for an exhilarating ride this season in New York.