Daymond John, 'Shark Tank' star, obtains restraining order against ex-contestants

By Patricia Anderson July 24, 2023

Daymond John, renowned 'Shark Tank' investor, secures a permanent restraining order against former contestants, reiterating his commitment to transparency amidst online defamation allegations.

Business mogul and prominent 'Shark Tank' investor, Daymond John, has been granted a permanent restraining order against two previous contestants from the well-known television show. The edict by a New Jersey federal judge now restricts Al "Bubba" Baker, an ex-NFL athlete, along with his wife Sabrina and daughter Brittani, from publicly belittling John in any capacity.

John, who funded their company, Bubba's Q Boneless Baby Back Ribs, on a 2014 episode of "Shark Tank,” had declared in legal documents that the Baker family consistently defamed him on various social media platforms. They referred to their involvement as a "nightmare."

The judicial injunction orders the Bakers to remove any offensive comments made against John and his business concern, DFV. The Bakers had alleged that John had intentions of taking over their business. They must also erase any disparaging remarks concerning Rastelli Foods Group, a collaborator in the production of their ribs.

Presiding Judge, Robert Kugler, stressed that the social media posts potentially tainted John's reputation, credibility, and goodwill. Kugler confirmed that these posts undoubtedly caused harm to John's reputation, a setback John now has to counteract.

In John's legal submission, he revealed he lost opportunities, including a television show contract with a principal network, a public speaking engagement, and a partnership deal due to the Bakers' criticisms. A preliminary restraining order against the Bakers was previously granted when they breached a non-defamation clause in a 2019 agreement with John and Rastelli.

Following the court's ruling, John regarded the ruling as a testimonial to his innocence and professional integrity. He affirmed that he had not committed any acts of wrongdoings, nor was it feasible for such actions to occur.

John savored his courtroom victory, reinforcing his ongoing dedication to honesty and transparency throughout his entrepreneurial journey. This legal win spotlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect in business interactions, online, and offline.